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Helping Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs Succeed Through Stronger Communication and Relationships

Do you need a professional presentation for your group event?

Finding the right speaker for your event can be challenging. Your decision can make or break your event.

A lot goes into creating great events, and success ultimately comes down to the quality of the speaker. If your speaker does a great job, you’ll likely be praised by your attendees. Of course, if your speaker bombs, you’ll struggle to overcome those negative perceptions.

I created this page to save you some time as you look for the right speaker for your group. Feel free to contact me with any questions about your specific needs. I look forward to working together and creating  positive outcomes.

Speaking topics

I speak on topics related to communication and professional success. My style is encouraging, interactive, fun, and from the heart.

After years in colleges, universities, and the corporate world, I’m able to customize any presentation to meet your organization’s specific needs. My offerings range from keynote talks to half/full day seminars and week-long workshops.

Whether you represent a corporation, non-profit organization, or simply your own entrepreneurial interests, I can deliver a customized presentation that will get your people engaged and excited.

What topics do you speak on?

I speak on a variety of communication topics, from presenting and speaking skills to business writing workshops. Groups often ask me to present on how to create strong messages as well as how to amplify them.

As a corporate consultant, coach, and trainer I often present on leadership skills and organizational development. As a long-time college instructor, I love to teach. 

Some popular presentations are:

-How To Gain Influence By Being Yourself

-Communication Secrets of Highly Successful People

-How To Know Exactly What Your Audience Needs

-The 3 Pillars of Public Presentations

-How to Win the Fight Against impostor Syndrome

-Bridging Your Communication Gaps

I’ve also done talks on podcasting, vlogging, and just about anything relevant to nonfiction authors, from research, writing, and creativity to the business side of the craft.


What are your qualifications?

I’ve spoken thousands of times across experiences in college and university classrooms, corporate settings, panels, and many event stages. Presenting and facilitating are simply activities I enjoy. I believe in building relationships and earning the right to be heard, so if you’re wondering if I’m the right guy for your event then let’s chat and see!

What is your availability?

Thank you for considering me as a possible speaker for your event. Please email me at to start the conversation about availability and fees. 

What are your rates?

Thank you for considering me as a possible speaker for your event. Please email me at to start the conversation about availability and fees. 

Do you offer individual coaching?

Yes! Personal communication, presentation, and leadership coaching is some of the most meaningful work I do. The right coaching relationship can unlock potential, solve professional challenges, and help more than most people realize. Every aspiring professional should invest him or herself in this way. Check out my Coaching page to learn more.  

Great Presenters Make Great Events

Solve your biggest event planning challenge today by choosing the right speaker. Let’s find out if I’m the right person to work with you and your group.